Are You Approachable?

Few weeks back, on a Sunday worship service, our pastor was talking about how approachable we ought to be for the work of the Lord and he gave us an example that stuck with me every day after that. He said that some of us are like a bee hive full of honey, but no one can come near us because we are not approachable. What is the whole point of the sweet and tasty honey if it keeps people away from it. The whole purpose of it is thwarted right?

I thought about all those areas in me where God has set a purpose, but  not allowing myself to be useful because of my nature that resists change. When a thought lingers with me for  long, then I know that Holy Spirit has to work in those areas in my life . I knew that Holy Spirit will confirm this with yet another example and He sure did this time too. I was talking to my mother and she was casually mentioning about how hot the weather is back there and  how the lack of rain has added to the difficulties of daily life. In our hometown, every house has the luxury of its own underground well. Many houses will have its well located toward the front side of the house and they will be erected like a majestic reminder of one’s asset.  Though things have changed now, every house still will have at least a small well, though not majestic and big like the olden days. We have a well too. It has been there for more than 20 years now, and it has never dried up no matter how much of a drought it is. But the truth is that  we have not used a single cup of water from it in our kitchen.  The water is not drinkable because of its high lead content. It has always been used for watering the plants.When my mom said that our well is  full of water even in this terrible drought, but still unused, I was reminded again by the Holy Spirit.

That well definitely fulfills its purpose, but because of its stubborn nature to resist any change, it remains useless. We have spent a fortune to make the water usable, but with not much results.

Are there areas in our life where God has laid a purpose and has provided abundantly with His provisions to fulfill that purpose? But no matter how lavish our provisions are, we still go back to our carnal nature, not willing to change and therefore not coming to the full potential of God’s ultimate purpose. We give excuses, we say that it is far beyond our comfort zones. And the resources that God has provided remains just within ourselves unused and useless. It is just like having a million dollar in the bank and still living like a pauper.

Let us ask God to change us inside out so that we are approachable. If we remain unwilling to yield to the potter’s hands, He cannot make it according to what He has planned. He will definitely not reject that clay, but will make it for a different purpose( 2 Timothy 2:20). In the book of Ezekiel chapter 47 there is a verse that brings chills every time I read it. That whole chapter talks about a river flowing from the temple of God and the amazing life it brings. It talks about the trees on the bank of that river which bears different types of fruits every month. It describes how this river changes the nature of the dead sea and brings forth life. And in the middle of that abundant life and purpose, there is a verse which reads “But the miry places thereof and the marishes thereof shall not be healed; they shall be given to salt”. Can that really happen? This river flowing from the temple of God just changes the nature of everything. But in the middle of it all, there remains a place of marshes and swamps which will remain how it is. Salty and lifeless. Is it because the river just meandered around the marshy places? Not at all. The life giving river just flowed through it just like any other place. But I believe that it did not use that great opportunity to change itself to be useful and its not the problem of the river of the temple of God…but the problem remained within itself..not willing to change. Result..remained unhealed and useless in the middle of that abundance.

Are we like those marshy places? We are in the path of that anointing of the life giving river..yet remaining how we are. Let us submit ourselves humbly at the potter’s hands. Let us ask Him to break those hard pieces which are in the way and mold us  and make us to the same design He had in mind. Will you ask God to make you approachable and useful for Him.

God Bless,
Rani John
Redeemed Ministries

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