Trash or Treasure?

I have been driving through the same road for years, but have never noticed that storage building there before, until my eyes caught a sign on the outside of the building which said ‘ Trash or Treasure, store it with us while you decide’. I found those words very catchy and interesting . I smiled reading it and thought about the box of nitty bitty things that I myself have stored up in my basement thinking that one day I could repurpose it to something better. But as I drove past that building, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me ” For a believer , there is nothing like a temporary storage, either you keep the trash and lose the treasure or you lose the trash and cherish the treasure…no in-betweens”.

I was amazed at what the Holy Spirit taught me through those simple words and would like to share it with you. Let us look into few verses from the bible. In Mathew 13:44-46 we read about the kingdom of God as a treasure. The man who found it went and sold everything he had and got it. This man, when he found the real treasure,  was ready to consider everything else he treasured so far to be at loss to attain it. Paul in his letter to Philippians writes,”I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ and be found in him..” To Paul , knowing Jesus Christ is much more valuable than the combined worth of who he was. If anyone had it, Paul had it all..his race, his religion, his zeal, his sincerity , his knowledge, his exposure, his self- righteousness…everything. His column tallied up to great worth and asset until he found Jesus. The day he met Jesus, he considered everything else rubbish and garbage when compared to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ.

It is true that salvation is free. There is nothing to be done in one’ s part to receive salvation. Everything is done and paid in full by Jesus Christ on that cross. When we  believe that and accept Him as our personal savior, we receive this TREASURE. But in this process, there is an exchange involved. It’s an exchange of ‘all that I am’ for ‘all that Christ is’. This exchange happens as we realize that nothing in us, nothing about us and nothing we have can make us worthy enough to receive this precious treasure. We read about a wealthy ruler who came to Jesus and asked about eternal life. When Jesus asked him to sell everything and then come and follow him, He was not demanding anything from the other side. But Jesus knew that there are possessions that he value more than anything else in life. What if Jesus asks the same to us…May not be riches…but something that you hold on so precious in life. Are you ready to count it all loss?

Just like Paul, we could also say the many things that we counted loss on the day we received Jesus. The treasure we received had immense worth and value in our eyes during the initial years of our faith. But as years passed by, how do you see the worth of your TREASURE in hand? Did its value appreciate or depreciate?Do you still go back to your old nature and dig up the storage box which you have secretly kept ? Do you still cherish some of the things that you considered rubbish ? If so, then somewhere in this journey of faith, you have changed your focus from the real TREASURE and it’s worth has depreciated in your eyes. Don’t get deceived by the enemy who says, ” it’s ok to have the trash with the treasure or at least a storage space until you decide”. Bible says that your heart is where your treasure is. Are you going back to the storage for the trash pile or are you holding onto the greatest treasure ever – JESUS CHRIST. Your heart explains your treasure.

God bless,

Rani John

Redeemed Ministries

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