Do Not Give Up On Your Promise

Last week at church during the worship service, I felt Holy Spirit reminding me this verse from Psalm 46:10 ” Be still and know that I am God” .  Usually when God speaks that verse to me, I will be in a state of fidgeting ,rumbling over many little things and trying to figure out things by my own. Just how a pacifier does its trick on a screaming baby, I calm down as soon as I hear that verse. It has always taught me to be peaceful in the midst of many storms. But this time when I heard that verse in the quietude of my soul, I knew that the emphasis was not on me being still , but on the latter part…’to know that I am God’. I knew that God is asking me to know Him better as the one who is working on my behalf when I am still.

To understand that better, God took me to one of the Old Testament stories..the story of Joseph.  Joseph was a dreamer. God had put His purpose upon Joseph in the form of dreams and visions. But the journey to its fulfillment was not that easy. The day, his brethren realized that Joseph has something from The Lord, they plotted against him. It is not often ‘YOU’ but the vision that God has put in you that bothers others. They put him in the pit hoping that this could be the end of his visions. In that pit, Joseph experienced misunderstanding, rejection and betrayal from his own. But in that pit, he learned to be still and know his God who is able to fulfill his dreams.

The adversary tried to tempt Joseph and sidetrack him from achieving his purpose. The distractions and temptations at Potiphar’s house did not deviate his focus from The Lord. I have read somewhere that ‘If Satan cannot get us to sin by withholding our needs, he will try to by offering us what we desire. ‘But joseph overcame the allurement and the distractions of  the enemy. In the prison, when the cupbearer’s dream was interpreted, Joseph waited for a chance to be mentioned to the King, but even when human forgetfulness ruined his hope, Joseph learned to be still and waited for his Lord to act for him.

In the solitude of the prison, though it seemed like ages, the beauty of God’s promise remained fresh and bright as the day he first received it from The Lord. He did not offer anything from his own to speed up the fulfillment of God’s promise in his life . Neither did he give up on his dreams considering the long wait and unfavorable conditions. Rather…he waited…learned to be still…knowing who God is and trusting that He will work for him. And Pharaoh’ s chariots did come for Joseph looking for someone to interpret the dreams and that day changed his life completely.

Do you carry a dream of God? Are you conceived with a promise from God? Just like Mary, you know that which has birthed in you is from the Holy Spirit. But what about others? Do they look at you and say,” here comes the dreamer!” In this journey between conception and birth you might go through many pits of betrayal and misunderstandings. Remember that nothing can destroy the seed that God has put in you…circumstances, people, the plots of the enemy..the four walls of man made boundaries…nothing can stop you from receiving what God has purposed for you. Don’t give up on your promise just because your circumstances are unfavorable. Be still in this wait and trust God to work for you. Remember that all things work together for good for those who love Him. And at the end of it all, you will be able to look back and say along with Joseph, “God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result.” (Genesis 50:20) THAT my friends, is a dream worth waiting for!

God Bless,
Rani John
Redeemed Ministries


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4 thoughts on “Do Not Give Up On Your Promise

  1. This message lifted me up today. It is easy to forget that God has an unstoppable promise for your life when you are in the battle. Take hope no matter where you are. Christ will work it all out and fulfill the destiny and promise that he put in your heart.

  2. Wow! So amazing to know about being still and know that He is God. When His peace floods our soul it’s such a warmth and to know that all the promises of God are yes and Amen in Christ Jesus. We never see the end but God knows everything . Just to rest in Him and know that He is God and our father is refreshing and breathtaking! Blessed by your post. God bless you!

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