Beware Of Identity Theft

Do you remember the time you first accepted Christ as your personal savior , the day you took baptism, the day you were filled with the Holy Spirit, the excitement you showed sharing the gospel with everyone who came across, readily accepting the word just the way it was spoken. But as we move on in our faith life, we tend to forget who we are in Christ. As a result, knowingly or unknowingly, we allow world to come into our lives and control us.

If you carefully look into the lives of the Israelites, we can see that they walked in the wilderness for 40 years to reach the promised land. Canaan was not a place that far.  Just a 11 days journey would have brought them to the land God had promised them. But God’ s people wandered in the wilderness 40 years because of their rebellion and murmurings.

If you study the book of Numbers, you will see two groups of people starting the journey from Egypt. Mixed generations and the true Israelites. Mixed generations are a group of people who are not true Israelites. One of their parents belong to the Israelites and the other is of the Egyptians. They are the kind of people who would put their foot in both boats. They cannot identify themselves neither as Israelites nor Egyptians . They do not have a personal relationship with this God of Israel.

But it is not the case for the people of Israel. They know Him as the God of their forefathers. They have seen Him doing signs and wonders before delivering them from the hands of the Pharaoh. They have experienced God when He opened ways in the Red Sea and delivered them from the Egyptian army. They know Him as  the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. If you read Numbers 11, you will see the mixed generation murmuring against God. They longed for the things of Egypt. Slowly, this attitude creeped into the hearts of the true Israelites too. They murmured and rebelled against God, not just once, but several times. They forgot who this God is and who they are for Him. Result…wandered in the most unfavorable places for long years instead of attaining the promised land.

This is exactly what happens to a believer if not careful enough. We might start our faith life with vigor and enthusiasm. But as life moves on, with trials and tribulations of this world, we start doubting God who brought us this far. If you are a mixed generation with faith and world being equal forces controlling you, it is quite natural that you forget who you are in Christ, because your identity is based on your relationship with Christ. But if you started this journey as a true believer, and you are still wandering in the wilderness not able to enjoy every spiritual inheritances available to us in Christ..then there is a chance that you have an identity crisis. The ways of the world is ruling over us and has robbed of our identity. Beware of that identity theft.

To be aware of this identity theft, you should know who you are in Christ. Dear child of God, know that you are loved by God even before the foundation of this world was laid. You were in His plan before you were formed in your mother’s womb. In that wonderful plan of salvation, God included you too and bought you with a steep price…the death of His beloved son. The day you accepted Him as your savior, you were justified in Him and was given a clear conscience. He treated you as though you have never sinned before. He adorned you with a robe of righteousness. The penalty of sin was interchanged for this garment of righteousness. You are seated with Christ in heavenly places and is given every authority. We are made new in Him and has made us a chosen generation and a royal priesthood. He has called us to be the ambassadors for His kingdom. Above stated is just a glimpse of our identity in Christ. Our privileges as a true believer are many more.

Today, as a child of God, if you are not able to enjoy all the privileges in Christ, I would encourage you to remind yourself who you are in Him. Do not let the world take over you and rob your identity. belong to Christ and He belongs to you.

God Bless,

Rani John

Redeemed Ministries

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